Spirulina Aurospirul - news - Salon, Ayurveda and yoga
It is unlikely You will find a range of useful substances in any complex vitamins, intended for the growth and development of children. What are the benefits of spirulina for…

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A slim body and a healthy body
Reading fashion magazines, catalogues from the pages which look beautiful, slender model will not will begin picky about yourself and your appearance. As a result, many women resort to strict…

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How physical activity affects the performance of sugar

Clasical knowledge suggests that physical activity has a positive effect on the body, in particular – improve performance of sugar and fats in the blood.

Scientists at the University of Otago, decided to check out ” why not instead of, say, a half-hour walk, take a short during the working day?

Particularly, for those who have a sedentary job, for example – in the

office, tens of millions.

For the experiment, according to The Daily Mail, were selected 70 healthy people who spend in the office for 9 hours a day.

First 30 minutes they went ahead of the working day.

Then, in the course of the working day, every half hour they stopped for a break in the work, and arranged a 100-second walk.

Control of blood sugar levels in subjects after a half-hour walk and after 100 seconds showed that short but frequent walks more effective.

Scientists puzzled – it turns out from the way of physical exertion, one and the same person, blood sugar is reduced differently? The body in different ways it absorbs?

Short but frequent walks, is better than one with the same total amount of time.

If so, then people got good advice and it will help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

The increase in “blood sugar” – the precursor to the development of type 2 diabetes in which the body loses the ability to effectively use sugar.

As a result – it accumulates, causing irreparable damage – damage to the blood vesels of the heart, legs, eyes.

Now you are armed with a simple, perhaps the simplest, a cleaning mechanism of the body – often little move.

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Students of the Polytechnic on Fridays will be doing yoga in the dorms
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