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Scandinavian hadba

You want to do your health, but don’t know where to start?

You tried many times to go to the gym, but for some reason stopped the clases after the second attempt?

You want to find the perfect form of exercise?

Nordic walking can be practiced by people of any sex, age, and fitnes level. For this sport (Yes, it is officially recognized as a sport!) don’t need sports category, years of training or training of specific muscle groups. Thanks to moderate loads, uniformly distributed on all muscle groups, walk in Finnish can do anything. You need only the feet, hands,

walking sticks and primary education .

This organization has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the sport «Nordic walking» not only in Rusia but throughout the CIS. We are proud of this cooperation and will always share the common ideals of sport, health and desire to succeed.

Who should use nordic wolking ?

This sport fits all. No restrictions on age or condition.

Nordic walking is shown to those who are unsuccesfully trying to lose weight. According to the observations of instructors, 100% involved in this wonderful form of fitnes gain slim and trim figure after a couple of months after the first clas. On average during the first month of regular workouts lose 2-4 pounds overweight (about 20 clases). And that’s without exhausting diets, trips to the gym and the cost of a personal trainer.

Nordic walking helps reduce stres on the joints, trains the heart and perfect for the older age group as the main sport.

Worldwide Finnish (or Nordic) walking is considered as a fashionable sport, available in the material and physical plane.


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