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It is unlikely You will find a range of useful substances in any complex vitamins, intended for the growth and development of children. What are the benefits of spirulina for…

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Sneakers child
If you decide to visit the online children's clothing store in Nizhny Novgorod and purchase your child sneakers, you should consider the advice of their choice. Now, we all know…

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Scandinavian hadba

Nordic walking — a godsend for those who spend a lot of time at the computer

A great way to improve your health and maintain the physical condition and the tone is a walk, but not just a walk, and a special exercise called “Nordic walking”. Another name — Northern or Nordic walking.

Why not running, or bike riding? Because while running is very hard on the feet and the habit can be a problem, and if Cycling has les impact on your muscles and need a bike that may not always be comfortable in an urban setting, and the maximum load is at most bike 110 kg.

When Nordic walking there is les strain on the legs, so dealing relies on a stick when walking, and used by some estimates up to 80% of muscles, and according to other sources up to 90% of the muscles, i.e. burn more calories in les time, but there is no such exhaustion, such as when running.

But Nordic walking there are some differences from race walking and cros country skiing. Firstly, in addition to the sports shoes need special poles, it is convenient when walking and reduces the load on the hands when touched, or the blow of a stick on a hard surface, as well as a special technique of walking, but it is not complicated and, of course, mandatory warm-up before clas. About this briefly in the video:

the removal of the load on the joints of the feet when walking

strengthening back muscles and improving posture

stres reduction and mood elevation

improving the functioning of the heart and blood vesels

walking in the fresh air at any time of the year

Nordic walking appeared not so long ago and became quite popular in the world in the late 1990-ies, but it is not just fitnes and Nordic walking competitions with participants of different ages:

Morning exercise helps burn calories throughout the day
Scientific discovery scientists from the USA, suggests that the beneficial effect of physical activity in fact even more than previously thought. After such an exercise, the body continues to rapidly…


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