A shoulder injury
Really want to tell you about the first bad experience. This is the most common sprain in the region of the shoulder ( clavicle ). The pain started after this…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi has a positive effect on the brain - news - MEN's LIFE
Chinese gymnastics tai Chi increases brain volume, a positive effect on memory and thought proceses. The elderly, who are three times a week go by tizzi, les likely to suffer…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi named as perfect exercise for people aged

Regular practice of tai Chi helps to avoid high presure and be physically strong. Scientists, in General, recommend such training as the preferred method of exercise.

These are the conclusions of researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China). Their conclusions are based on estimates of improvements in cardiac function and physical


Heart rate measurement showed that the lesons of the ancient Chinese Wellnes exercises improved the compliance of the vascular wall (expansion and contractions of the arteries). Also increased the strength of the knee muscles.

The study involved 65 people aged. 29 from local tai Chi clubs who practiced tai Chi for at least 90 minutes a week for 3 years. And 36 volunteers without such training. Initial studies have shown the benefits of gymnastics for all parameters: blood presure, vascular resistance, arterial pulse presure. The compliance of the vascular wall were higher by 40-44% in the group dealing. Additional analysis showed an increase in muscle strength, and the effect of presure reduction has been demonstrated previously.

Benefits of tai Chi in the absence of requirements for additional equipment and outfit, the opportunity to train anytime and anywhere.

The results  in the European journal of preventive cardiology” (European Journal of Preventive Cardiology).