What shoes to choose for child Child health
Children's shoes should be warm and comfortable. For children, you need to buy shoes with fur, in which they will be comfortable and warm to walk in the winter. Winter…

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Medicinal properties of onion
Bow traditional medicine medicinal medicinal properties of onion Folk healers in several Central European countries claim that onions and garlic contribute to the treatment of cancer. Onion has diuretic, disinfectant,…

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Soon! New treadmill Precor Experience! Fitnes

For the first time in Rusia!

Exclusive ONLY in Dr.LODER!

New treadmill Precor Experience!

Fitnes network Dr.LODER treadmill is a new generation Experience Series™ on the Rusian market. A new model of profesional art cardio machines

debuted in the U.S. and Canada in may 2014, and in the fall will go to the clubs. It is distinguished by the durability and efficiency as well as maximum flexibility for personalization and convenience for customers.

The main differences between treadmill new generation:

Elegant, sleek and modern appearance. New track made in a modern design that blends in with the style of other new machines Precor. It is distinguished by an optimized position on the console and improved ergonomics. Updated “workplace” user equipped with enhanced soft grab handles for greater comfort during workouts.

Optimized stability. New frame design of the treadmill has become more resilient and provides smooth quiet operation. It is appreciated by the users for whom the quiet operation of the simulator – one of the indicators of high quality.

The advanced capabilities of individual training. The simulator provides the user with optimal cushioning thanks to the shock absorption system of the canvas Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX), reduces the load on the spine and joints. In addition, the Precor improved technology Integrated Footplant Technology™ (IFT), which tracks changes step specific user and adjusts the speed of movement of the blade track.

Improving energy efficiency. Treadmill new generation Experience Series combines modern, minimalist design and advanced technology, providing a smooth and natural ride.

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Tips for beginner yoga
People who actively begin to play sports at a later age, do it for the following reason. During the long time they have a bit of aching in the neck/chest/knees/shoulders,…

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