Tips for beginner yoga
People who actively begin to play sports at a later age, do it for the following reason. During the long time they have a bit of aching in the neck/chest/knees/shoulders,…

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Radish superbox in the struggle for a healthy body fb2 for free without registration - Book World
Dear visitors, friends, guests, users, readers of our site, We are happy to welcome You. If You want to download the book Radish superbox in the struggle for a healthy…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi has a positive effect on the brain – news – MEN’s LIFE

Chinese gymnastics tai Chi increases brain volume, a positive effect on memory and thought proceses.

The elderly, who are three times a week go by tizzi, les likely to suffer from reduced cognitive functions. To such conclusion scientists from China, watching elderly people for 8 months. This slow, meditative exercises improve the brain and delay the development of dementia.

Before, scientists have already proven that tai Chi helps seniors to get

rid of stres and improve your balance. Also, gymnastics normalizes blood presure, favorably affecting the people with cardiovascular problems.

Science has long known that aerobic exercise increases brain volume, however, the relationship between gymnastics, tai Chi and brain activity was detected for the first time. According to advocates of this system, Taiji includes the components of the coaching mind.

Studies show that during exercise this kind of gymnastics, people increases the level of growth factors in the brain.

the “Scientific studies continue to prove that people who play sports and lead a socially active life, are les likely to suffer from dementia. This work indicates that this phenomenon is a result of growth and survival of the most important regions of the brain that are affected by this degenerative senile disease”, ” the researchers said.

Disease office workers

In Soviet times they were called knowledge workers, and now office workers. The job is purely intellectual, and seemingly very comfortable. But only at first.

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