Clothes for running
If you have just decided to start Jogging, then you get the question, what kind of clothes for running, you need to choose for running was comfortable and bringing a…

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Soon! New treadmill Precor Experience! Fitnes
For the first time in Rusia! Exclusive ONLY in Dr.LODER! New treadmill Precor Experience! Fitnes network Dr.LODER treadmill is a new generation Experience Series™ on the Rusian market. A new…

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Chinese Qigong for face – Qigong masage Club youth, beauty and health

The practice of rejuvenation. Daoist self-masage of the face

Nature has endowed the human body the ability to rebuild and regenerate tisues and organs. An example is the healing of wounds, growth of nails and hair. With age, these abilities fade.

The ancient Chinese practice of Qigong (“Chi” – the energy of life, “Gong” – control) is a technique allowing to activate the mechanisms of regeneration. The main objective of the system of Qigong to reveal inherent in man’s physical and spiritual abilities, to teach him how to live in harmony with the world and with themselves. Qigong is a breathing exercise,

and gymnastics, and spiritual practice, and proper nutrition.

Using techniques and exercises, after the masage, qigong strengthen and rejuvenate all the components of the human body: blood vesels, bones, muscles, tendons, on the face wrinkles. Improves the function of all internal organs and functional systems of the organism, normalizes blood presure and weight, harmonized state of mind.

Before performing gymnastics qigong, pre-meditation and activating the flow of Qi energy . Enhanced the circulation of energy, launches are inherent in human Nature, the mechanisms of self-regulation, self-repair and regeneration of all organs, tisues, cells practicing Qigong.

Qigong masage is an ancient Chinese practice of rejuvenation, recovery, healing and prevention of diseases. Best masage techniques qigong was pased down from generation to generation and tested for centuries.

In the proces of Qigong self-masage using traditional Oriental techniques of working with the body: stroking, rubbing, patting, presing palms, pads and joints of the fingers, activating and distributing the vital energy Qi.

Chinese gymnastics – harmony of mind and body
Interest in Oriental way of life in the world continues to gain momentum. Traditional Chinese martial arts is another item that is a genuine interest along with kitchen, cinema and…


Sport. Pete. USA. The original! SUPER PRICE! L-Carnitine Extreme Dymatize. 60 capsules of 500mg
Increase endurance when doing aerobic sports. YAKKASARAY district Additional information: L-Carnitine Extreme L-Carnitine Xtreme is an amino acid that stimulates muscle growth, fat burning, energy production and muscle resistance to…

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