The ice drifts at the lowest prices in St. Petersburg! Safe winter walks, remedy
The Ice Drifts Devisys (Finland) A reliable means of protection from falling in the ice! The ice drifts DEVISYS produced in Finland since 1987. Four sizes, high quality rubber, steel…

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Morning exercises for weight los
The benefits of morning exercise is great. Everyone knows this, but few did morning exercises of their daily habit. But simple exercises will help not only to recharge for a…

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SP-2 Clean body is a healthy body. Pull Tox – get rid of toxins and lose weight! Chic reviews.

Hello, girls.

My name is Maria, Maria.

Buy patches Pull Tox for removing toxins and slimming!

Take from 30 packs(10pcs / pack) – price R/bundle + 10% . GUASTALLA

Please carefully consider your order, calculate the forces. As soon as you collect on a minimal + some more in case something is not in stock – send the order to the supplier. And from that moment to withdraw from the order is no longer available .

Conditions of purchase:

1. Minimum salary 20pcs.

2. Org charge of 10%.

3. 100% prepayment within 1-2 days after podtverjdenija on map Coll. After payment, fill in the FORM.

*I draw your attention that payment in my purchases now are taken mostly with cards of Sberbank (online payment, ATM)

Unwanted payment from other banks (only pre-payment, as payments go up to 5 (!) days) and payment through the operator, i.e. there is the most convenient method of settlements in the SP – Momentum map (this is the analogue of the payment through the operator, but faster and more mobile!) .

Therefore, if You do not have a card of Sberbank, the request to start a free map of Momentum (one trip to operator), while taking orders.

We hope for Your understanding

All about Momentum map here:

4. After payment text at the top indicating the amount, method and date of payment.

5. Under the new rules SP. orders must be dismantled within 30 days from the date of announcement of the distribution. Further charged for posesion of 10p/day. After 2 months of your order becomes the property of the organizer, money for him is not returned.

6. Hand out at home and hand with volunteers in other district of St. Petersburg. Distribution of volunteer 50p/order.

Well with God. Good luck to us!

Scientists have found out why Yoga is helpful in the morning
Modern neuroscientists have found that in the early morning hours there is a shift in the endocrine and neurotransmitter balance from production stimulating sleep melatonin, to the dominance of serotonin,…


To buy exercise equipment for home, 10000 items - online store of gym equipment of Slaveport,
Exercise equipment for home and hall The posibility of profesional use The use of the simulator in the hard mode of operation, for example, in fitnes clubs or gyms. This…

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