Sport, leisure Food, the Price of 34 €. The unique ratio of BCAA 8 1 1 15 fintespower.
Leisure, Hobbies / Sports, active recreation / Food / for sale The unique ratio of BCAA 8:1:1 15 grams of amino acids per serving Increase stamina and performance Accelerated growth…

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Chinese Qigong for face - Qigong masage Club youth, beauty and health
The practice of rejuvenation. Daoist self-masage of the face Nature has endowed the human body the ability to rebuild and regenerate tisues and organs. An example is the healing of…

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Spirulina Aurospirul – news – Salon, Ayurveda and yoga

It is unlikely You will find a range of useful substances in any complex vitamins, intended for the growth and development of children.

What are the benefits of spirulina for children?

Spirulina contains a huge amount of complete protein that is easily digestible, quickly saturates the growing body and gives a boost of energy and vigor.

Spirulina is rich in beta-carotene, this factor strengthens children’s immune system, helps the child’s body to cope with infections.

In spirulina is extremely rich in zinc content is necesary when constructing the skeletal system and improving the resistance to infections.

Iron deficiency in the body, as well as a violation of the absorption, of iron absorption leads to iron deficiency anemia in children. Therefore, a high bioavailability of iron contained in spirulina that puts her in first place among funds increase hemoglobin. In the iron in spirulina 100 times more than in apples, radish or cabbage.

Spirulina contains fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 categories needed for normal brain function, these polyunsaturated fatty acids help for yeast infections, cardiovascular diseases, eczema and psoriasis. In a tablespoon of spirulina contains 100 milligrams of gamma-linolenic acid, the source of which on Earth is the only mother’s milk and spirulina.

Spirulina improves vision, it improves the condition of skin and hair structure. Children who suffer from allergies, it is recommended that a regular daily intake of spirulina.

Use of spirulina increases the number of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus that restore intestinal flora with dysbiosis, improve digestion and asimilation of food.

Spirulina is the ideal means to prevent more than 300 diseases. Thus, regularly eat spirulina gives children good health and improves their quality of life.


Exercise in sedentary work
Today quite a lot of people work all day sitting, and it can't promote better health. Sitting long in one place, you can earn a lot of problems, including obesity.…


Students of the Polytechnic on Fridays will be doing yoga in the dorms
According to the organizer of the event, campus Manager TPU Olga Mikhalchuk . this event was only one of the measures of health Days and already got a decent response…

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