Exercise in sedentary work
Today quite a lot of people work all day sitting, and it can't promote better health. Sitting long in one place, you can earn a lot of problems, including obesity.…

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Elastic buttocks pas 8 clases in indoor Cycling aerobics with 70% discount
Center of beauty and health "Mon Plaisir" Read more about the campaign Cycle aerobics or simply imitation Cycling on rough terrain – just a necesary thing if You want to…

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Sport, leisure Food, the Price of 34 €. The unique ratio of BCAA 8 1 1 15 fintespower.

Leisure, Hobbies / Sports, active recreation / Food / for sale

The unique ratio of BCAA 8:1:1

15 grams of amino acids per serving

Increase stamina and performance

Accelerated growth of muscle tisue

Slowing down the proces of muscle catabolism
A special set of Sustamine

Natural, perfect taste that leaves a pleasant aftertaste

Modern BCAA + is a unique complex of esential amino acids BCAA from the company USP Labs, contributing to a more rapid recovery, regeneration and growth of muscle tisue, as well as

increasing your intensity during the training.

One major difference of this product from such additives is rare is the ratio of the amino acids BCAA – 8:1:1, which speaks of the most effective growth and recovery of muscle tisue, increased performance and endurance during training.

Per serving Modern BCAA + contains 15 grams special blend of pure amino acids. L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-lysine, L-taurine, L-alanine, L-glycine and unique combination of Sustamine.

Sustamine is a compound consisting of a dipeptide of glutamine, which has better disolution in water compared with glutamine. In addition, Sustamine has a unique mechanism of interstitial transport, making glutamine faster gets into the muscles and blood that lingers there longer, this is very important, as up to 65 % conventional glutamine decomposes before reaching your muscles. In addition, the additive Modern BCAA + has a delightful, refreshing taste based on the natural, natural ingredients with no added flavors or colors, which makes it truly useful and tasty product.


Sport. Pete. USA. The original! SUPER PRICE! L-Carnitine Extreme Dymatize. 60 capsules of 500mg
Increase endurance when doing aerobic sports. YAKKASARAY district Additional information: L-Carnitine Extreme L-Carnitine Xtreme is an amino acid that stimulates muscle growth, fat burning, energy production and muscle resistance to…


The ice drifts at the lowest prices in St. Petersburg! Safe winter walks, remedy
The Ice Drifts Devisys (Finland) A reliable means of protection from falling in the ice! The ice drifts DEVISYS produced in Finland since 1987. Four sizes, high quality rubber, steel…

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