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Exercise equipment for home and hall The posibility of profesional use The use of the simulator in the hard mode of operation, for example, in fitnes clubs or gyms. This…

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Sports generation – the Benefits of swimming for men and women

Swimming lesons allow you to increase the strength of the respiratory muscles and to strengthen, tone, increase ventilation and help regulate blood circulation. During the voyage limb movements coordinated with the breath. Typically, one cycle of movements is performed for not more than 1 inhalation and exhalation. Significant energy stimulates a greater need for oxygen. Because the swimmer to strive with the utmost determination to use every breath. Water presure on the chest stimulates more full breath, and simultaneously promotes the development of muscles that expand the rib

cage. In the end achieved an increase in lung capacity, and increase the functionality of the respiratory system. A record of oxygen consumption of every minute – 5L, mounted exactly swimmers.

To this the benefits of swimming is just beginning. Regular swimming is also useful for the hardening of the body: the mechanism of thermoregulation improved immunological properties rise, adaptation to diverse environmental conditions is improving. Besides strengthens the nervous system, sleep becomes stronger, the appetite improves, improved movement, increases stamina, improves overall body tone.

The benefits of swimming extends not only to physical characteristics, but also on the formation of his personality. Communication with the water brings joy and pleasure not for everyone, some are afraid to enter the water for fear of depth. Psychologists have found that the biggest dangers in the water – these are not the actions in it, and the fear of depth and a sense of fear. Swimming lesons contribute to the development of a very useful personality traits, such as perseverance, self-control, ambition, courage, determination, discipline, ability to be independent and to act in the team.

Chinese gymnastics – harmony of mind and body
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Chinese Qigong for face - Qigong masage Club youth, beauty and health
The practice of rejuvenation. Daoist self-masage of the face Nature has endowed the human body the ability to rebuild and regenerate tisues and organs. An example is the healing of…

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