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Mediterranean type of food helps to lose weight more effectively than physical exercise

A group of specialists from Greece found that a Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of heart vascular disease are almost twice.

The experiment involved two and a half thousand people. Age category participating ranged from eighteen to eighty-nine. For the past ten years scientists have observed for the experimental group. During the study nearly twelve percent weaker sex and twenty percent strong population of the planet and vascular heart disease or had a place of death from the same


The experimental results proved that people who ate Mediterranean-type, at forty-seven percent received les cardiac and vascular disease. After that, the researchers stated that this type of food is much more beneficial effect on the human body than even beneficial cardio exercise. Such a diet has had a positive impact on all people in the experimental group, regardles of sex and age categories.

The Mediterranean diet includes an abundance of fruits and vegetables, fish and cereals. In addition this includes frequent consumption of olive oil.

The experiments, which were conducted earlier indicated a direct between this diet and weight los. In addition, such a diet prevents the risks of diabetes, lowering the presure level. It is worth noting that experts have stated that this type of diet allows the body to stay young longer. The same diet can minimize the consequences after stres and Smoking.

Another experiment proved that the Mediterranean diet controls weight in young children.


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