Top 5 foods that are harmful after a workout
To lose weight, you need to exercise – this is known to all. But other than that, you must carefully plan and your diet. Particular care must be taken with…

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Discount 81% for a month of unlimited clases at network fitnes clubs the Territory of Fitnes (950 rubles.
One person can only use one coupon for all the time of the promotion . One person can buy unlimited vouchers as a gift . The coupon is valid on…

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To buy exercise equipment for home, 10000 items – online store of gym equipment of Slaveport,

Exercise equipment for home and hall

The posibility of profesional use

The use of the simulator in the hard mode of operation, for example, in fitnes clubs or gyms.

This is interesting

Sports exercises are the best way to get rid of exces weight. Good health and attractive appearance — good reason to buy a simulator for the home.

Usually the equipment to practice at home have the following requirements:

Compact size: naturally, you would like to see a trainer for home occupying too much space.

Level adjustment the load: as you improve your fitnes you will need to adjust the load.

Versatility: workout on different muscle groups require different types of equipment. But there are universal machines, representing a real mini-gym. Those who aims at strengthening the muscles of the body, choose exactly the same!

There we have models for those who wish to buy fitnes equipment for profesional practice. Trainer for hall — more complex and heavy duty construction designed for heavy use. Here you can buy profesional models meet the highest requirements.

Athletes and fitnes centers are turning to our store because they know that you will find here the right fitnes equipment at a good price. To select the best option here will be able and profesional athletes, and fans, to practice at home. Delivery in Moscow and in the regions, convenient service, a detailed description of every model in the catalog — what more do you need for a succesful purchase. Online store of gym equipment “Clubsport” is always ready to help you!


It became known as a healthy lifestyle affects the human body - the Latest news on the topic
It became known as a healthy lifestyle affects the human body. Scientific employees of the University of California studied how a healthy lifestyle affects the human body. In the end,…


The ice drifts at the lowest prices in St. Petersburg! Safe winter walks, remedy
The Ice Drifts Devisys (Finland) A reliable means of protection from falling in the ice! The ice drifts DEVISYS produced in Finland since 1987. Four sizes, high quality rubber, steel…

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