To purchase a rowing machine for the house in the online store
Rowing machines Training on rowing machine Rowing machines or exercise machines-rowing are complex machines, which are intended to develop strength and endurance of man. Clases on such simulators develop all…

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Red Noses on the Cycle" –
We invite You to Novogodniy Day Charity races on the bikes! Training will be held in the heart of Sokolniki Park, in the Studio of Yuri Pashkov Cycle Pro. Do…

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A slim body and a healthy body

Reading fashion magazines, catalogues from the pages which look beautiful, slender model will not will begin picky about yourself and your appearance.

As a result, many women resort to strict diet to become slimmer. Some buy additional accesories, such as, the device for the correction. some go even before the surgery. But almost nobody thinks about the consequences, which may affect their health, and in the future – and on children’s health.

Any profesional nutritionist will tell You that a regular diet without

sustaining physical exercise – a simple waste of time, nerves and health. Any result You will achieve. And here’s a little Jogging, fitnes, shaping, Pilates, yoga and even dancing for a couple with a proper diet bring tremendous results. The skin is tightened, the muscles come in tone, cellulite will disappear, the complexion. The main rule – not to give up. If I set a goal to lose weight and get healthier, go to the end. Many make the mistake of seeing the first results: stop training and return to their former diet. This quickly negates all applied to this effort. Moreover, sometimes dropped pounds not just return, but also add a few more kg, which previously was not. So workout and diet have become constant companions of life.

Running or jump rope?

Evening jog at the stadium for forty minutes burns about 250-300 calories, and jumping rope at the same time will allow you to burn 400 calories. Although the advantage of running in that it also allows you to train the body’s cardiovascular system. The heart is stabilized, the blood circulates through the body, which helps to improve overall health and mood. Besides running trains the muscles of the legs, a pres and a back. The rope is usually used boxers during training.

Exercise in sedentary work
Today quite a lot of people work all day sitting, and it can't promote better health. Sitting long in one place, you can earn a lot of problems, including obesity.…


Coral water - a healthy body. Coral Club. The distributor's company. Moscow,
Already in the 18th century in the Spanish medicine used coral as a therapeutic agent, and in 1979, scientists from different countries came to the conclusion that the inhabitants of…

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