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Mad Profesor Nicolas – Creatine. Yes or no How to increase stamina in gym clas.

The creatine. Yes or no? How to increase stamina in the gym?

Hello, guys.

In General question to those who are engaged in the hall, as well as to those who were drying.

Now I work in a gym in order to gain weight, and Vice versa drier, and increase endurance.

Do on different muscle groups 4 approach to 25 times, three times a week +

5 sets of 25 times priced with a barbell + one hour of cardio exercise. Three times a week.

For example, last workout.

10 minutes elliptical trainer

4 approach to 25 times that of the bench pres bar off the chest

4 approach to 25 times – wiring

4 approach to 25 times – exercise the biceps with a barbell

4 approach to 25 times – exercise for biceps with dumbbells on incline bench

5 sets of 25 times – squats with a barbell

30 minutes running on the track with acceleration

10 minutes elliptical trainer with acceleration

10 minutes – track accelerations

Total workout takes anywhere from 100 to 120 minutes depending on the program.

Though 1-1,2 kg for her.

And here what problem I faced, if cardio is the quickest I can clubbing quite a long time and increase the load at least every week, here are the bench pres I after the 3rd approach is already doing barely. I have the feeling that after 70-80 preses, I so badly clogged muscle that is already on the make through it.

The coach said that lack of endurance, and that you can begin to take creatine before training.

I honestly cautious attitude to all supplements.

So now I have some questions arose:

– how harmful creatine, what side effects?

– what else is suitable to increase strength?

– do not put on weight from the creatine, so as to gain weight I don’t want.

Please answer those who really works (worked) in the room understands what we are talking about, and knows the answers.