Morning exercises on the ponds! Motion is life - Relay health
“Morning exercises in the ponds!". The organizer of this project is dance club "Buena Vista” with the support of the Department of health of a city administration of Khabarovsk. "Morning…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi has a positive effect on the brain - news - MEN's LIFE
Chinese gymnastics tai Chi increases brain volume, a positive effect on memory and thought proceses. The elderly, who are three times a week go by tizzi, les likely to suffer…

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Medicinal properties of onion

Bow traditional medicine medicinal medicinal properties of onion

Folk healers in several Central European countries claim that onions and garlic contribute to the treatment of cancer. Onion has diuretic, disinfectant, cleansing and antiseptic action, it stimulates the metabolism in the body and regulates gas exchange.

A poultice of crushed raw onion helps in the treatment of wounds, skin ulcers and other skin diseases, frostbite, burns and rheumatism, soothe itching. Cut the onion put it on the bite of the insect and irritation will

pas quickly.

A tampon soaked in onion juice, will help to quickly cure the common cold, if 3-4 times a day to insert it into the nostrils. Similarly treated for inflammation of the ears. Bleeding from the nose inhale onion juice mixed with vinegar.

Breathing for 10-15 minutes over freshly ground (grated grated) onion is very useful in sore throat, flu, hypothermia. When you cough, take onion juice every two hours. Baked onion helps to treat ulcers.

For getting rid of worms is that an effective hood: finely chopped onion, cover with water (250 ml), put for the night in the cold, drink for 4 days in the morning before eating.

In tumors of the prostate, it is recommended to eat before bedtime one medium-sized onion.

Tea from onion peeling activates the function of the sex glands in men and stimulates menstruation in women.

The use of onion juice 1-2 times a day helps with problems with urination.

Onion juice, mixed in the ratio 1:1 with glycerol, used in the disinfection of the outer.

To prepare onion juice should be cut onion into rings, sprinkle with sugar and let stand over night.

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