It became known as a healthy lifestyle affects the human body - the Latest news on the topic
It became known as a healthy lifestyle affects the human body. Scientific employees of the University of California studied how a healthy lifestyle affects the human body. In the end,…

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Chinese gymnastics tai Chi named as perfect exercise for people aged
Regular practice of tai Chi helps to avoid high presure and be physically strong. Scientists, in General, recommend such training as the preferred method of exercise. These are the conclusions…

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Top 5 foods that are harmful after a workout

To lose weight, you need to exercise – this is known to all. But other than that, you must carefully plan and your diet. Particular care must be taken with meals after workouts.

The fact that some foods are “go” to restore the muscles, and some just “deposited” into fat. So, what should not eat after workouts?

1. Salty. Those who regularly engaged, I know that often after a workout, pull on something salty. This is due to the fact that since then people lose and nutrients, including potasium. But the los of potasium can be

reimbursed and no salty snacks. Better to eat after clas banana or fruits that contain potasium.

2. Sweets. Sugar is known for its devastating long term effects on the body. One of its side effects is the slowing down of metabolism. Metabolism plays a very important role in the proces of losing weight the faster your metabolism, the faster you will get the desired shape.

3. Fatty foods. Avoid fast foods, fatty snacks, potato chips and similar foods. Don’t forget, your main goal is to reduce total fat. Your body needs the production of glycogen is an important substance that is synthesized and stored in liver and muscles, but greasy food certainly not suitable for this dish, not to mention the fact that she simply “give” you the “bad cholesterol”.

4. Uncooked vegetables. In vegetables contains very low amount of calories, but not enough to recuperate maintain a normal metabolic rate after exercise. In addition, the vegetable is low in protein, the building material, which must be present in the sportsman.

5. Milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is known to contain hundreds of calories, because if you can’t live without a piece of chocolate, eat it before exercise, not after. Thus you will get the chance to burn extra calories and at the same time to treat yourself to a sweet.

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