Chinese gymnastics tai Chi has a positive effect on the brain - news - MEN's LIFE
Chinese gymnastics tai Chi increases brain volume, a positive effect on memory and thought proceses. The elderly, who are three times a week go by tizzi, les likely to suffer…

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Organism Adaptation to physical loads of the abstract
My father would be pleased with what shot I applied to the Lord of the Methodists.According to the old believers, whose hair was faded, and the gray beards — saffron,…

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International festival of fitnes culture and sport “Sport – our love, our way of life! “

Purpose: to promote standards of health, attracting more young people and residents to an active lifestyle, sports, creating new traditions active leisure and recreation.

The main principles of the festival accesible to everyone, the posibility of direct dialogue with leading profesionals sports and fitnes.

The development of a healthy lifestyle is a complex, multifaceted and ongoing proces. During the festival, representatives and participants from different countries are coming together to share their experience, attitude towards the sport, the traditions of the sport. To introduce new trends in fitnes programs.

CPF «Univent” is a structural unit of Kharkiv National University named V. N. Karazin. And our main task – it is the creation of all necesary conditions for the formation of healthy, harmonious person: sports, activities for leisure and recreation, training courses, seminars and much more.

Preliminary program of the festival includes 2 days of master clases with leading profesionals sports and fitnes.

The first day we invite everyone to the presentation of programs in the basin, as well as workshops and lectures on nutrition.

The second day will see new the fitnes industry: step/dance aerobics, fuctional training, Crosfit, BodyART, Jumping, Yoga and more. In conclusion, we invite all to a Rockin ‘ Zumba party.


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