A slim body and a healthy body
Reading fashion magazines, catalogues from the pages which look beautiful, slender model will not will begin picky about yourself and your appearance. As a result, many women resort to strict…

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Scientists have found out why Yoga is helpful in the morning
Modern neuroscientists have found that in the early morning hours there is a shift in the endocrine and neurotransmitter balance from production stimulating sleep melatonin, to the dominance of serotonin,…

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A shoulder injury

Really want to tell you about the first bad experience. This is the most common sprain in the region of the shoulder ( clavicle ).

The pain started after this exercise. Myself up on the bar reverse grip, I moved right or left.

There are two versions of injury. The first is the exercise itself is traumatic. Second – I made a sharp jerk to one side.

The pain lasted a week (maybe more). It is natural to train with such

feelings, I could not. Was not comfortable and sometimes very sick.

After strolling for a week, I decided to go to the doctor (orthopedist-traumatologist) . because she was afraid that if I will not be treated, then the problem may worsen, and I’ll never be able to fully train.

The doctor offered to take a picture. It was determined that the strength is very big. Could even be a hairline fracture . I partially got lucky, as it could have been much worse.

In red circle I circled the location of the injury. The distance should be 3 mm, and there’s all of 8 mm.

What did the Doctor say?


1. The hand must be alone at least 10 days.

2. RUB Diclac gel or Traumeel With 2 times a day.

3. Physical therapy exercises for the shoulder joint.

Getting back in training ( after the injury ), the load should increase very smoothly! Otherwise again you can get pain in the shoulder, and ten days of rehabilitation. You Decide.

How to avoid such injuries:

1. Be sure to do the workout of the joints (you can do the one that gave me the doctor).

2. Not traumatic to do exercises. If You are not comfortable, then don’t do a particular exercise, which can eventually lead to injury .

3. If You still got hurt, we suggest that you immediately person to contact atrapado-the traumatologist at the place of residence.

In short get your heads, and don’t do what you do not need! Good luck! Be always healthy …

Morning exercise helps burn calories throughout the day
Scientific discovery scientists from the USA, suggests that the beneficial effect of physical activity in fact even more than previously thought. After such an exercise, the body continues to rapidly…


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