Sports training pros and cons
Sports — is health, we all know that, but that's only if the sport at the Amateur level. In a large profesional sports very few people manage to avoid injuries.…

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How physical activity affects the performance of sugar
Clasical knowledge suggests that physical activity has a positive effect on the body, in particular – improve performance of sugar and fats in the blood. Scientists at the University of…

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Exerciser for breathing O2 Trainer

How to Improve Endurance, Increase Efficiency, Learn to overcome maximum Muscle Load and Adapt to Different Conditions in Training and in Everyday Life?

Everything in life happens for a reason. And that means that you are on this site by accident! Your thoughts and the desire to be better today will open new opportunities for you. You will marvel at the simplicity and effectivenes of this method!

We all to some extent involved in sports. Amateur and profesional is not important. We want to keep fit, to be healthy, slim and always win!

To achieve their results will have to put a lot of effort, and in any physical activity, the breath plays a key role.


When from a small pace, begin to breathe like a train…

When from lack of oxygen, greedily swallowing air, my heart pounding…

Next, there is a burning sensation in the chest and cough, heralding a “second wind”. But it will open soon, still need to work hard…

Even when you become a profesional athlete and get used to the heavy training — you have to look for methods for optimal load.

Indeed, the development and improvement of the body requires sufficient effort.

For example, it is necesary to increase the time and number of clases per week, use a variety of weights and travel on mountain training.


Try a breathing simulator O2 Trainer! And you will reveal a little secret of Champions, which is not spoken aloud!

O2 Trainer, due to its structure, limits the air flow on inspiration and creates breathing resistance. The body becomes more difficult to fill the lungs with oxygen, it causes the diaphragm to work harder.

You train your lungs through the correct use of the diaphragm, thereby activating the natural proces of breathing.