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Exercise in sedentary work

Today quite a lot of people work all day sitting, and it can’t promote better health. Sitting long in one place, you can earn a lot of problems, including obesity. Now, to even slightly reduce the harmful effect, it is important to do special exercises in sedentary work. How to say special, say in a different, more focused on the warm-up and acceleration of blood.

Think about what suffers in sedentary work?

In sedentary work:

Numb back

Aching legs

Deteriorating blood circulation throughout the body

The eyes are set to the same distance and too tired

Other muscles are not working and too numb

There is no activity, no wasted energy, and the body begins to Deposit fat

We need to disperse the blood, to spend at least a little bit of energy to stretch the neck, back and hands and feet. Based on this you can do the exercises. Big difference, if you do different exercises. Important to involve all your body muscles.

Exercise in sedentary work


Circles hands and elbows

It is necesary though sometimes to walk, to climb stairs

To stretch the fingers

The inclination of the neck and body to the sides

Eye exercises

The first exercise.

Close your eyes and start to gradually close to the maximum, then gradually expand to full relaxation. Repeat 3-4 times. This will help to relieve the muscles of the eye and return approximately to its original state. Also, ensure the flow of blood and little bit relaxed.

Second, too famous and easy exercise.

These eye exercises and muscle is important to do every hour or two. This will really make the job easier and will help to maintain health longer. It’s the most valuable. Over time, these workouts will become a habit and it will be easier, most importantly, try to.