Speed and endurance - SPORTMAX. RF - online sports nutrition store in Yekaterinburg
It is known that when walking, running middle and long distances, the marathon and the long runs, endurance is an important quality. Every athlete has struggled with the question: “As…

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About the benefits of swimming with the dolphins “Psychology” Women’s magazine

The study showed that the famous sounds of dolphins in the ultrasonic range, lead to physical changes in the nervous tisue, increase the production of hormones, stimulating, thus, metabolic and immune proceses, as well as the development of the brain and Central nervous system. The positive impact of bioenergy dolphins especially affects the children. Dolphin, you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. gives you the opportunity to make significant progres in the treatment of diseases such as cerebral palsy, early infantile autism, down syndrome, mental

retardation I-II degree and other diseases asociated with disorders of the brain and nervous system. According to reports in specialized treatment centers, which actively used the Dolphin therapy for children, communication with dolphins can achieve long-term psychotherapeutic effect: recovery of motor abilities, improve blood circulation and speech, pain reduction.

Currently in many countries of the world Dolphin is widely used in medical practice along with traditional methods of treatment. Dolphin – it is, in fact, the proces of alternative psychotherapeutic sesion, which is attended not only dolphins and patients, but also a number of specialists: doctors, psychologists, therapists, speech pathologists, teachers, vets, trainers. At the same time, research has continued in this direction: some scientists believe that by using the “natural” methods, including Dolphin, someday it will be posible to eliminate the ailment on the grounds of mental disorders.