Organism Adaptation to physical loads of the abstract
My father would be pleased with what shot I applied to the Lord of the Methodists.According to the old believers, whose hair was faded, and the gray beards — saffron,…

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Morning exercise helps burn calories throughout the day
Scientific discovery scientists from the USA, suggests that the beneficial effect of physical activity in fact even more than previously thought. After such an exercise, the body continues to rapidly…

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Elastic buttocks pas 8 clases in indoor Cycling aerobics with 70% discount

Center of beauty and health “Mon Plaisir”

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Cycle aerobics or simply imitation Cycling on rough terrain – just a necesary thing if You want to be the happy owner of a beautiful slender figure!

In addition, the cycle is high intensity cardio.

To engage in the cycle can be from two to five times a week. If you expect from your figure of rapid change, the first three months of push the pedal

five days a week. Will be able to maintain the previously established form, attending a cycle clas for advanced twice a week.

As you know, an active proces of fat digestion occurs at high cardio workout. It begins when large muscle groups are included in the rhythmic work for a long time. An exercise bike gives the so-called aerobic exercise burns the most calories. Unles, of course, to engage intensively and at least 40 minutes. Thus, unlike running or Steve, who also gives similar load on the bike can do everything. It is not a burden on your back and joints, effectively trains the heart and respiratory system. Exactly what we want.

In addition to the overall slimming effect, cycle and gives a great strain on the muscles of the thigh. And thus helps to get rid of cellulite and improve the shape of the legs.

After about a month You will notice the first results of the transformation of your figure!

Duration of 1 leson: 45 minutes.

Contraindications: consult with a specialist.

Pedal for the benefit of the figure!

Use a coupon can be used once

One coupon per customer

Unlimited number of coupons as a gift

Preliminary record

The coupon can not be combined with other promotions or discounts will be the institution

Red Noses on the Cycle" –
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Sneakers child
If you decide to visit the online children's clothing store in Nizhny Novgorod and purchase your child sneakers, you should consider the advice of their choice. Now, we all know…

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