Tips for beginner yoga
People who actively begin to play sports at a later age, do it for the following reason. During the long time they have a bit of aching in the neck/chest/knees/shoulders,…

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The ice drifts at the lowest prices in St. Petersburg! Safe winter walks, remedy
The Ice Drifts Devisys (Finland) A reliable means of protection from falling in the ice! The ice drifts DEVISYS produced in Finland since 1987. Four sizes, high quality rubber, steel…

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Morning exercises for weight los

The benefits of morning exercise is great. Everyone knows this, but few did morning exercises of their daily habit.

But simple exercises will help not only to recharge for a whole day, but also to lose weight.

The main rule of morning exercises — regularity. Not so important the allotted time on a charge. Let it be 10 minutes, but every day. This is

very important. Need to do daily exercises a habit.

Morning exercises for men and women is nearly the same. Men should pay more attention to strength exercises — push-UPS, pull-UPS, pres, work with kettlebells, dumbbells. Charging for men — strength. Women — stretching exercises.

The main rule — everything has to be in a rush. Try different exercises. One of those that like over time it is posible to compose to compose a complex of morning gymnastics. The purpose of morning exercise — to saturate the blood with oxygen. The simplest and most popular exercise for this — Jogging. The body wakes up and starts, including the fight against exces weight.

Morning exercises to the music operates more efficiently. Music for morning exercises should be vigorous. It will be good to include energetic track in the room and make the volume bigger. If loved ones are still asleep, or charging happens on the street, it will help the mp3 player. Thankfully they are now sold on every corner and cost a penny)))

But, in any case, weight los — a complex proces. Morning physical exercise, of course, promotes and accelerates weight los. But we must not forget about proper nutrition and the development of correct eating habits!

And remember — along with exercises you are doing to millions of people around the world. Join us!


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