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About the benefits of swimming!

Swimming is one of the most effective means of health promotion and physical development of man since the first months of life to old age.

The density of water is approximately 775 times the density of air, and hence the difficulty of movement, the speed limit and high energy costs.

The energy consumption when swimming at various distances depending on their length and power. At distances of 100 — 1500 m it is approximately from 100 to 500 K/cal.

The water presure prevents inhalation and during exhalation into the water has to overcome its resistance, which leads to increased load on the respiratory muscles. When sailing produced a new automaticity of breathing, which is characterized by a decrease in the duration of the respiratory cycle, increased frequency and minute volume of respiration. This increases pulmonary ventilation and vital capacity of the lungs.

In addition to density and water presure a significant impact on the body when swimming has its heat capacity.

The heat capacity of water is 4 times higher and a thermal conductivity 25 times higher than air. Therefore, when a person is in the water, his body emits 50–80% more heat than air. Therefore, it increases the exchange of substance for maintaining the thermal balance in the body.

As a consequence, improving the mechanisms to maintain temperature homeostasis.

After swimming :

1. Visibly improves skin tone, relieves fatigue. Let this effect is short-term (a few hours), but no other type of exercise you will not provide even for five minutes. Swimming calms and helps from depresion, uplifting and insightful thoughts.