Elastic buttocks pas 8 clases in indoor Cycling aerobics with 70% discount
Center of beauty and health "Mon Plaisir" Read more about the campaign Cycle aerobics or simply imitation Cycling on rough terrain – just a necesary thing if You want to…

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Speed and endurance - SPORTMAX. RF - online sports nutrition store in Yekaterinburg
It is known that when walking, running middle and long distances, the marathon and the long runs, endurance is an important quality. Every athlete has struggled with the question: “As…

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Morning exercises on the ponds! Motion is life – Relay health

“Morning exercises in the ponds!”. The organizer of this project is dance club “Buena Vista” with the support of the Department of health of a city administration of Khabarovsk.

“Morning exercises in the ponds!” takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 8.15 to 8.45 hours in the area of the first ponds and focused on disease prevention, increasing physical activity, promoting healthy lifestyles.

Moderate physical activity for 150 minutes per week reduces the risk of development of coronary heart disease and stroke, hypertension, diabetes type II, and depresion.

No need to be “profesional athlete” in order to benefit from physical activity, the main source of which is the usual daily physical activity: exercising, walking, swimming, Biking, dancing, etc. which make our day active, productive and joyful.

How often do you do morning exercises in the fresh air in the company of great people? Now you have the opportunity – come to the Ponds (near the round fountain on Pushkin street) – let’s start the day cheerful and fun!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday to be a member of the “morning exercises in ponds” and on the Sabbath, “health Steps”, where within the hour not only to continue to engage in useful physical exercise, but also to get a charge of vivacity, energy and helpful advice from your doctor.

The Department of health of a city administration of Khabarovsk


Chinese gymnastics – harmony of mind and body
Interest in Oriental way of life in the world continues to gain momentum. Traditional Chinese martial arts is another item that is a genuine interest along with kitchen, cinema and…


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One person can only use one coupon for all the time of the promotion . One person can buy unlimited vouchers as a gift . The coupon is valid on…

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