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It is known that when walking, running middle and long distances, the marathon and the long runs, endurance is an important quality. Every athlete has struggled with the question: “As…

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Nordic walking — a godsend for those who spend a lot of time at the computer A great way to improve your health and maintain the physical condition and the…

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Morning exercise helps burn calories throughout the day

Scientific discovery scientists from the USA, suggests that the beneficial effect of physical activity in fact even more than previously thought. After such an exercise, the body continues to rapidly burn calories for several hours.

Researchers from Appalachian state University in North Carolina (Appalachian State University in Kannapolis, North Carolina) is proved by experiment that the effect on the human body physical activity (e.g., morning exercise, Jogging or swimming in the pool) does not stop with the completion of the workout, but still remains for more than half a day.
Thus it appears that the benefits of regular exercise more than used to be considered.

The authors of the study compared the consumption of calories the participants of the experiment during the day, after they spent 45 minutes in the morning under conditions of intense exercise on a stationary bike and in conditions when training in the morning was not.

The experiment involved 10 healthy volunteers aged 22 to 33 years. Each of them in the proces of a 45-minute simulated Cycling used an average of 519 calories.

However, it was also found that, ceteris paribus morning clases led to the fact that the body in the next 14 hours expended 190 kilocalories more than a day without work on the bike.

“I hope that after learning about our opening, the number of people regularly involved in sport for their own health, will increase: after all, the benefits of exercise and the consumption of fat reserves of the body does not stop for many hours after completion of exercise,” says Profesor David Nyman (David Nieman), who led the study.

Scandinavian hadba
You want to do your health, but don't know where to start? You tried many times to go to the gym, but for some reason stopped the clases after the…


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